We’re very late to the party, we know that. But the Supporter Portal is slowly being filled with templates!

In order to access the portal, you have to be an OEM Supporter. You can become one here.

Once you are, make sure to set up your profile as explained here: The OEM Supporters – Project OEM (mxb-mods.com)

In the Supporter Portal you’re able to see the available 3D Viewer models as well as download links to the templates.

All content on that page is forbidden for indirect, external access. Hotlinking is not allowed.
We hope you respect our work and don’t share it elsewhere (for now), until we do it on our own.

The original plan was to deliver these goodies way earlier… we’re incredibly sorry to let you down, but there were many minor updates and changes to the bike models over the last few weeks and we didn’t want you to work on something unfinished and having the stress of transferring everything again, or having to change your designs due to UV updates etc. – we hope you understand.


The PSDs that are available in the portal are expected to be 100% done, atleast model wise.

Currently available PSDs:
Akrapovic PSD
KX450 & KX250 Bar Fix Metals AO
KX450 & KX250 Bar Fix Plastics AO
Renthal Twinwall (with protaper skin)
Yoshimura RS12
Currently available 3DV Models:

Sorry again for being so late, but we still hope you enjoy working on your brand new liveries! 🙂


TICKER (come back to read sometimes)

01/03 ~8pm UTC: All BRAND NEW bikes are on their way! 3DV models and PSDs are uploaded or are being uploaded to the server right now. Some minor model updates are yet to come, but this should be the most important for now!
Go to the Supporter Portal and refresh couple times!

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  1. im having an issue with the yz psd-i get a corrupted file everytime i open the game. ive tried everything. its all named exactly how it should be. i even tried without editing the psd so its not like a logo im using or anything. i dont know whats happening… i used paint ed to read and unpack one of the yami paints someone posted on mxbmods, and that works just fine like reverse engineering it. is there a layer that should be deleted from the psd?

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