The OEM team has always done their utmost best to deliver top notch quality at the smallest possible file size. We do this to ensure that everyone will be able to download the MX OEM modpack, no matter the internet connection you might be limited by.

We’ve recently burdened ourselves with a difficult balance between adding realism through texture improvements, while also maintaining the smallest possible MX OEM modpack file size. By aiming for more realism in the specular and reflection maps we need to increase the resolution for these maps. Inevitably this also means we end up with an increase in file overall size per PNT. As an example the improved Honda would add roughly 300MB to the ZIPPED MX OEM modpack. This is not acceptable as it would possibly make downloading the MX OEM modpack a nightmare for most.

To solve this issue without giving up on realistic textures, we have removed the factory kits from the modpack. By doing so we removed roughly 600MB from the ZIPPED MX OEM modpack. (This is the size without the texture improvement, with it this number would be significantly larger).

The removed factory kits alongside other official kits will return on a dedicated page here on the OEM website. The new HD kit packages with added realism will be easy to install and sorted by brand.

Not only does this solve the file size inflation but it will also allow better quality textures, allow more official kits to be added, allow more frequent updates and most importantly allow you to have the best possible download size for premium quality bikes.

We’re looking to roll out the new official kit download page as soon as possible.

Stay tuned!

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11 months ago

where they at?

1 year ago

where can i find them?

1 year ago

full beanz