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The OEM Supporters

Some of you might’ve seen the “Become a Supporter” button already, and the donators at the bottom. The kindness of donating for this project shouldn’t be left unmentioned. And that’s […]

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OEM Update v0.17.2

Some might’ve seen it already but we pushed out update v0.17.2. What’s new? Nothing much really. This update includes the tyre patch v2 and all bikes have been registered again […]

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Stark Varg

Second ever attempt on making a full bike model from scratch. The Stark Varg was a challenging one since there was a limited amount of reference back when they announced […]

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KTM 23

Models have been completed with different details in terms of the 250sxf and 450sxf This project is my first full attempted bike model to do by myself. My focus was […]

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What is OEM?

From Wikipedia: An original equipment manufacturer (OEM) is generally perceived as a company that produces parts and equipment that may be marketed by another manufacturer. However, the term is also used in […]