On the 05th November of 2017, ex-MX Bikes player and legend Asdrael made the forum post “OEM pack – Master Thread“. This was the mod that should change MX Bikes completely.

The beginning

The original OEM seal of approval thumbnail

During that time, the MX Bikes community wasn’t too big and there were only half a handful of modders around. Eventually some figured out how to import bikes and various other stuff and change the game that way.

Asdrael was crazy enough to dig into code and hundreds of user manuals and review videos of various bike manufacturers. But before he showed off his first pack, on the 06th February of 2017 he made the forum post “Project OEM“. This is full of explanation on how to convert IRL bike data into something that is usable in MX Bikes.


In 2020, I’ve joined him and re-imported all the bikes we had and learned a lot about the game and how modding works. The bike models got various fixes and improvements and Asdrael got some time to work on the physics.

After roughly 4 years and various updates to the pack, life got busy and Asdrael stepped aside from the project.

That’s when I was left off with the most important pack for the game and the entire responsibility.

Until sometime this year.

The OEM Team

Eventually we were able to release two technically cosmetics-only updates (v0.16.0, v0.17.0) where there was only me and GreenLenux working on the project. With the help of some members of the community as well as freelancers around the globe, we were able to add some new bikes to the pack. None of us understood or wanted to understand the way BikeEd and the physics work in this game. We were absolutely overwhelmed with our own tasks.

Jesse, better known as Mulock22, decided to fiddle around with the information Asdrael gave us – and of course some Discord DM’s. Asdrael isn’t gone, he’s just done with MX Bikes – and started to learn the process of creating OEM bike physics. Jesse dug through the tyre physics and shared with us what we now know as the 2022 Ultimate OEM Tyre Patch.

OEM Tyre patch thumbnail

This was the moment when the community fixed what was partially broken in the stock state of the game.

Jesse is now the main head of the OEM physics. With the help of Zonta_84 (GP Bikes) and Alpha (MX Bikes) they are discussing various physics decisions, the way how things should work, how they should feel and so on. Important feedback is being delivered by everyone in the team.


Speaking of the team, that’s us:

  • Alpha – Physics, Feedback
  • BamBeintz22 – Texturing
  • Cody_James – Texturing
  • Frankie – Modelling
  • insane – Importing, Distributing
  • Kuakkz – Feedback
  • Mulock22 – Physics
  • Phantomz – Modelling
  • Resolute Kraken – Feedback
  • Ruubs – Feedback
  • SD – Feedback
  • Some_Doofus – Feedback
  • Zonta_84 – Physics, Feedback

By creating this blog, we want to make the project more transparent for you, the player, who’s waiting patiently for the pack to see the sunlight.


There is no real ETA set, yet. As always, the OEM pack is based on values and data the manufacturers and reviewers hand out in the internet. Now that new bikes are being announced slowly but steadily, more reviews and user manuals are available to the public. This is the moment we are able to start working off of those sheets.

We are able to very roughly estimate a release date at the end of the year, something between November and January.


We’re spending our free time and our money on this pack, so if you feel generous, maybe consider dropping a little donation for the cause. We’re thankful for whatever you’re able to donate – the pack will always be free nonetheless.

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10 days ago

were do I download payed the 5 bucks??

17 days ago

i donated 5$, not sure where to find the download for the new oem updated bikes, can someone help me?

16 days ago
Reply to  .m.at.t.


1 month ago

I am unable to connect my card to the account Is anyone able to help?

1 month ago

Above in the Post in the Donation paragraph in the second to last line of the post is a typo, I believe you meant to type “cause” instead of “case” which is also referred to a collection of beer by a certain brand usually in the amounts of 12, 18, or 24to make a “case.” LOL, two words with completely different meanings andI just thought you might want to know that was there since you missed it.

The Grammar Police

1 month ago

How do i get the stuff after i gave money

3 months ago

Is there a way to get my guid in mx bikes to work because mine isn’t connecting to this website.

1 year ago

Got me bricked up at work, gollee.

1 year ago

This is peak epic right here

4 months ago
Reply to  Alpha

i want my money back my fucking bikes arent showing up in game

1 year ago

This post is making me want to rock down to electric avenue.

1 year ago

What an absolute legend, inzahnuh