Update on the TM ive been working on for the past 2 months. Models have been complete both 4 strokes and 2 stroke.


 Managed to have time after finishing the 4 strokes to make a 2 stroke engine

and make the changes that had to be made to the frame and plastics

Texturing on the models in general are at 90% complete I would say.





I started this project mostly for the OEM pack but unfortunately its still in a questionable state. I took the challenge to try and make a really detailed model for my own skill level which im still in the learning curve of using Blender and Photoshop. A massive thank you to GreenLenux  for being awesome and giving this model some of his own magic in PS and helping me out to try and finish what i started.


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  1. looks freakin amazing guys. if there was a background behind that it would look like a real life photoshoot. dead on accurate. thanks for everything you guys do for this community cuz we would all be screwed without ya 😉

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