It happened.


WE made it. MX OEM v0.18.0 has been released to the public.

We talked a lot about the upcoming pack in the last few posts, so we will straight go into detail with this one.


We’ve added the “oem-feedback” forum on the MXB-Discord. When giving feedback, please consider using the forum for that. And please, stick to the guidelines.

New texures and texture names




Texture compatibility

Let’s wrap up what happened:

The Team

We formed a team. We’re more than just two guys. We’re 9 active community members who made this thing reality. Modellers, Texturers, Physics guys. Gamers. Like we all are.

The Physics

ALL bikes. And I mean ALL, are completely revamped. No geometry file of the bikes is untouched since the last release, v0.17.2. No engine is untouched since then either.
We learned to do our physics properly. We adapted, we tested, we tried. We restarted multiple times and remade everything from scratch more times than we wanted to.

The bikes will feel completely different.

The physics guys changed everything. The majority of the values are now pretty much like IRL.

We added aero simulation, inertia boxes and countless other things.

The bikes are drastically different.

However, the game was built around what we felt was right or wrong, with bikes, that were more wrong than right. Following me?
The bikes feel way heavier in air, their response is much different. You will and have to get used to.

But the way we changed those bikes, will make it possible for the game to get even better. With properly done bikes, we can properly work out physics issues together with PiBoSo.
And trust us, we really want to make this game better.

The Bikes

2022 was such a good year for the project. Earlier, we had huge issues getting models, be able to import them into the game, share PSDs etc.
But this one was different.

Frankie, our now very well known community member, just appeared in my Discord and showed us his work on his very first model. The 2023 KTM lineup. This was the start of a great time.

Throughout the year, Frankie provided us with a full KTM and Husqvarna lineup, a Yamaha YZ450F as well as Fantic XXF450 and the whole TM lineup.
Phantomz came in clutch and made a BRAND NEW Kawasaki KX model, WITH FREE METALS!

And our texture guys made it a whole. They wrapped up all the stock as well as factory skins for your pleasure.

We’re so packed with new bikes and we can’t wait to show you the rest of it in near future.

Everything else you probably saw in the earlier posts, so no need to get much deeper into now. 🙂

The Credits

Everyone who made this pack possible.

We’re thankful for each and every OEM Supporter who supported our journey until here. We’re SO overwhelmed by the amount of donations we received in the last few months. It’s unreal.

But now to the guys who made this pack possible. A big thanks to the following guys:

Asdrael – The man who started the OEM movement.
Alpha – Tester as well as helping Mulock with tyres.
Cody_James – Texturing, preparing PSDs
Frankie – Modeller, without him, this pack would probably not exist now.
GreenLenux – Textures, PSDs, social media, teaser, trailer, puzzle. Everything.
insane – Gathering the team, setting up the website, keeping you on track, importing the bikes and distributing.
Mulock22 – Physics. Physics and physics.
Phantomz – Modeller. Be thankful to him for having a KX with metals now! 😛
Zonta – Physics. Destroying Mulock’s physics. Physics.

Jmehrtz – Helping with models. Providing a new CRF exhaust (so far).
RedRider – Making all the new bikes dirty.
SD – Making the OEM Manual (soon to come) possible.

Kuakky – Feedback
StoneRider – Feedback
BamBeintz – Help with textures
L21 – Help with textures
Ruubs – Feedback
SomeDoofus – Feedback

How will it continue?

Well, we showed you the release calender a few days ago. If you didn’t see it or you don’t remember -> MX OEM v0.18 Release Calendar – Project OEM (

v0.18.0 comes with all brand new MX1 and MX2 4 stroke OEM bikes. No 2 strokes for now due to the upcoming ARL season. And it’s being ridden on 4 strokes only.

During the ARL season, we will continue working on v0.18.1 which then aims at potentially improving the bikes with your given feedback, but also a lot more bikes.
Including 2 strokes, MX3 bikes as well as the all new MXE (electric) class.

So all of you 2 stroke lovers have to wait for roughly over a month. We’re sorry, but we want to grow with the bikes, and not redo them all at once.

And then, we have some more stuff for you in the pipes… But this will stay a secret for now. 🙂

If you give helpful feedback, we can also try to iron out our potential mistakes. So please, give us proper feedback. We beg you!



In love,

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1 year ago

killing it with the new oems keep it up

1 year ago

so stoked for the 2 smokers

1 year ago

this is sick but how can i use the manuals in the roadmap

1 year ago

We had to push it back a bit, it’s coming soon 🙂

1 year ago
Reply to  GreenLenux

ok thx do you have an eta

1 year ago
Reply to  GreenLenux

Ma come si fa a creare suoni cosi brutti?????prima di rilasciare non li provate??? Io ssrei il primo a pagare ma lultimo oem fa pena

1 year ago

Thanks for all the hard work. How do you access the OEM Manuals though?

1 year ago
Reply to  Tiaanroot12

Dude i’m so greatful people release this for free if people started to charge for mod’s the community would die down the oem team is one of the hardest working group of people i know the only other thing that they could do is make a 85cc/little bike pack it would be pretty cool to have like 110’s and 85’s and supermini’s that arent shit *cough* cought* alphamods

1 year ago

Thank you so much for all your hard work!! Just tested every bike and it is crazy how different everything feels. I am looking forward to learn all the new stuff :). I have one single, but big issue with the Kawasaki. What happened to the muffler? The muffler is sooo huge that it touches the rear tire. is there a possibility that you maybe remodel it and make it realistic from the size?

Thank you so much!