We kinda announced the happening of this programme some months ago when we introduced you to the OEM Supporter system and benefits.

And now we’re proud to say: IT’S LIVE!

The GUID Lock programme offers OEM Supporters access to various model swaps straight from the modellers of the newest OEM bikes.

You can access it by hovering over “Supporter Portal” and clicking on “GUID Locks”

There you will see all currently available GUID Locks.

You will see the name, a thumb and the “Generate/Load” button.

By pressing the “Generate/Load” button the lock process starts.

If your account is correctly set up (you’ll see if it’s not – that’s when you haven’t synced your account with Steam yet) you’ll see a download button appearing with your GUID in the generated ZIP file.

The ZIP contains all files needed for the GUID Lock. Usually it’s drag and drop into the desired bike folder – you should know how model swaps work.

If not: since this is a swap for the Fantic XXF 450, you open the ZIP and drag the content into your “mods/bikes/MX1OEM_2023_Fantic_XXF_450” folder.

Some swaps will eventually include more files, but it’s the same process.

Your files will stay on the server for 2 days until they get wiped off the get back server storage.

If the models were updated and you still have an old version in your account, you can regenerate the file and get a new version of it.


There are plenty of swaps already available and there’s very likely more to come.

If you got special requests for yourself or your team, you can directly hit up the modellers and talk to them. Most of us have their Discords in the profile, we don’t bite! 🙂


We hope you enjoy and like the system, if you got any issues feel free to comment below.




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