Hey everyone.
I wasn’t sure if I should make a post here or not, but I think there is some stuff to clarify.

So what exactly happened?

It appears that somehow the OEM bike models were ripped and screenshots were going around showing the bikes in Roblox. After a while, AlphaMods and Gabrielzin proudly showed how they had some of our models as well – especially the KXF. No matter if you like the bike or not, stuff was stolen.

When did it all happen?

I believe shit got real on monday (09/05). I’ve got screenshots from a community member of another community member that showed the OEM bikes being in Roblox. We immediately were like hold up what’s going on. We’re all from different timezones and working normal businesses, so there wasn’t much we could do immediately, except of trying to investigate how what who and where. So we started to gather intel over two days straight. We’ve figured that AlphaMods/Gabrielzin said they allegedly ripped those models from a Roblox game. We confronted the developers that made the game and explained the situation to them.

Unfortunately they had the same issues we (especially I) had for several years with the OEM bikes – the huge lack of models.

They had a contact that should provide them with models (even though they were either free MX Sim releases, or Milestone rips) and they didn’t go well together so said contact backed out. This resulted in them being left with no MX models.

Short fused reaction: there’s that application called 3D Viewer, can we rip from there?

How could that happen?

See, the only game I personally ripped was MXGP when I started playing MX Bikes and wanted to learn how to import stuff. I’ve been proud of myself that I’ve achieved getting a working bike into the game and showed it around in the Discord. This quickly turned over and the OGs explained to me that importing ripped work – especially ripped Bikes – isn’t allowed in this community. I wanted to be part of the real community and quickly stopped showing things. Which then in the end turned into me joining Asdrael and re-working the OEM imports.

Anyways, the Roblox game guys figured they could rip from 3D Viewer with a tool I’ve not heard before – since I am not very deep in the whole shady ripping scene. However, they successfully ripped 3D Viewer and their Discord was full of WIP screenshots of our bikes. As mentioned above, we confronted them and they felt sorry and bad that they ripped my app but explained the whole process and their motives why they’ve done what they did. We had very mature chats and they’ve showed me that they removed all from us ripped content from their project. So they were really open minded and helped me figuring out the backdoors I had in 3DV.

This was refreshing since we were heated as hell from monday until wednesday morning, when I made the big announcement in the MX Bikes Discord:

Nonetheless one of the Roblox game devs apparently released a version with one or a few bikes included. So it appears AM/Gab really then ripped from Roblox. So rippers ripped a rip from rippers. Luckily, Gab’s statement was that “I only have 3 models” – because he simply was too dumb to get more.

Anyways the worst in all of this is that AM/Gab modified the OEM Kawi (e.g. added handguards) and sold the model swap. This is what hurt us the most – someone who ripped our work we provide 100% for free to everyone was making a business off of it. This is the real messed up thing.

And now?

Apparently the only “real” models that were ripped was Stone’s Bell Moto 10 and the KXF. I will not let 3DV down – I know it’s the tool nobody expected or knew they’d need, until it was gone.

To be fair, after the Roblox guys explained to me how it works, I tried it as well and it wasn’t as easy as I thought. However, I’ve spent 5 hours programming after work yesterday (wednesday) and added an anti-rip protection to 3DV and I’m testing it with them as well. So far, we’re safe.

However, after my announcement yesterday, the community was mad and annoyed by the AlphaMods guys same as we were. And they quickly decided to raid their server. I wouldn’t have thought about that but they’ve done a great job by letting Gabriel and his friends know we’re upset. They quickly closed down the server, removed or disabled chats and banned tons of people.

Nonetheless all we can hope is that they’ll stop with what they’ve been doing for months now and especially stop messing around with our models. It could’ve been done the easy way by him telling me it’s possible to rip, or simply don’t do any of this.

The conclusion of it all is that anyone who’s involved to AlphaMods we know by in-game name – thus having their GUID – is banned from MyMXB, MXB-Mods and the MXBikes-Shop websites. Some big players will eventually be hardware banned by PiBoSo as well.

You guys messed it up big time – and now you’ve dug your own grave in this game. Enjoy playing on your servers alone and enjoy having no place in the community except your own little place. You all knew about the stuff that was going on.

How will it continue?

Unfortunately due to recent events we all in the team are just bummed by how a few people in any MX game community are able and enjoy figuring out how to destroy the fun for hundreds of thousands of other players.

As in the statement above explained, we’re putting the project on a halt for unknown time so we all can gather some time for us, our families and friends and our jobs and personal life.

This is especially hurting me because with this website we wanted to give you some more input and progress of the project, but it seriously is no fun if there’s one ripping or leaking drama after another and now even between our own community modders. We still enjoy modding but we just don’t enjoy it right now.

So please respect our decision. We’re thankful for anyone joining us and supporting us with feedback – negative or positive, as long as it’s constructive – and especially supporting us with funds. Since we launched this website there were tons of donations we can’t appreciate enough!

We’re thankful for each of you and wish you the best. We’re glad the OEMs right now are usable as-is, so there’s no big loss right now.

Last words

I am not entirely blaming the Roblox guys, they’re all open and just wanted to develop something as a little sidekick. Nonetheless they’ve decided to open a gate that shouldn’t be opened. However, they’ve been straight to me and excused themselves, explained things and deleted unrightfully owned stuff. Modders shouldn’t steal from modders, and they realized that. It was just a quick reaction with an unfortunate harmful outcome.

Surely somewhere it’s them to blame, but they also were open enough to explain everything to me and how things work, making it possible for me to secure the 3D Viewer.


As how the project continues isn’t clear yet, we’ll eventually work something out but don’t expect to hear much from it.

Right now all we can say is:



In love,

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14 days ago

i just spent 8 bucks on this and it didnt even tell me it didnt work before i bought it?