Some of you might’ve seen the “Become a Supporter” button already, and the donators at the bottom.

The kindness of donating for this project shouldn’t be left unmentioned. And that’s why we started the “OEM Supporters” bonus programme – if you want to call it like that.

Why though?

The OEM bikes exist for years already and they’ve always been free. Unfortunately, and that’s how it goes, it’s not free for us to maintain this project.

Each donation of you guys makes it possible for us to strive for more. Into extending the pack, improving things and keeping us motivated. Surely we love to hear a “thanks” and get 5* on MXB-Mods, see you guys rep our work on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram and on Twitch. But nonetheless money is a key factor for this project and keep in mind – we’re all volunteers and hobbyists enjoying the game as much as you do. And we want to keep this approach as it is.

How do I become a supporter?

As already mentioned, above there’s the button “Become a Supporter” or you can also click here do get to the donation form. You must be logged in to be able to donate. Why? That’s the easiest way for us to maintain the system. You register with E-Mail or Discord, you log in, we know who you are and that you donated. [For nerds: It was easier for me to give permissions to logged in users than to handle a registration, check if donated, then give role.]

And once your donation was successful, your profile will be updated and you’ll turn into an OEM Supporter!

What’s the benefits?

Once you’re an OEM Supporter you can edit your profile on this website. A new “Edit Profile” button will appear in the drop-down menu on top:

There you can add an avatar, a little bio, a banner image and you gain access to the Supporter’s Area:

There you can also sync your account with Steam to get your in-game GUID and you can also connect your 3D Viewer ID to unlock the “OEM Supporters” model category. We will slowly add the WIP bikes into it so you can take a first look before the actual release. There will also be PSDs available for Supporters to start work on their individual liveries already.

Steam Sync

So why is there a steam sync option?

As I stated earlier, eventually – and this is a realistic thought as of now – we’ll provide an area in the “OEM Supporters” area of this website where you can get GUID locked model swaps and be able to use the upcomming bikes in your game already.

3D Viewer

Once you added your 3DV-ID into your profile, you’ll get flagged as “OEM Supporter” in the 3DV-Settings:

This will allow you to read the models from the “OEM Supporters” category in the model selection drop down. We’ll soon add the early access bikes for you to take first bite of what will arrive us in the next major update.

Thank you

We don’t aim at making money with this – we’re happy when you show gratitude. We’re doing this to say thank you for supporting us and also to get some feedback.

But before commenting on anything please read what “giving proper feedback” is all about – we don’t want to hear “this is low poly, this is shit, this is missing”.

We want to hear constructive, realistic feedback with game optimization in mind.
We don’t care if your $150 MX Sim model has 100k polys more, we really don’t care.
We do care about obvious things that need fixing in first place. And remember, this whole pack is completely FREE for thousands of players.

You will feel it drastically in game if there’s 30 150k poly bikes with 4k diffuse and normal riding around on a stock track – and you will definitely feel it on a JV track. This pack aims to be optimized as its best to work good with MX Bikes and provide a – as much as possible – flawless experience (as far as the game allows us to). We don’t want to be the cause for lags or frame drops, and we don’t care if you have 2 3090Ti’s in your paid-by-parents gaming rig and have no issues with above. Think further than that, think about the guys that need optimization.

So please be constructive.

Nonetheless we’re grateful for everyone supporting the movement and using our bikes as they come. Thanks to anyone who’s giving constructive feedback to the bikes and offered help. We love you all and hope to deliver a great pack this year!




And NO, we’re not going to do a HP and a LP version of the OEM pack.

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