We’re back online, woohoo!

What happened ❓

Following the recent security breach, we’ve taken down several pages on MXB-Mods.com, including the OEM website.

Unfortunately, our entire Supporter Area and more was compromised, and some content was uploaded, shared, and accessible for about 20 hours. The damage has been done, and regrettably, it cannot be reversed.


Free Model Swaps! 🆓

However, we’ve decided to make all our model swaps available for free. You can find the official link to the Mega.nz folder >>> here <<<.


To those who have acquired our source files 🚨

We’re aware that some of you have accessed our project source files without permission. We’re not here to point fingers or call names, but we need to address this issue directly.

We understand the temptation to utilize what you’ve found, but we urge you to reconsider. Those files represent countless hours of dedication, studying, and hard work from our team. They’re not meant for unauthorized use.

Let’s be clear: if you choose to proceed and use stuff without our consent, there will be consequences. We’re actively monitoring the situation, and any unauthorized use will not go unnoticed.

We implore you to do the right thing. Respect our hard work, respect our rights, and refrain from using our source files without permission. It’s not just about legality; it’s about integrity and mutual respect within our community.

We hope you’ll make the honorable choice. Thank you for your attention.


INFO for NEW Supporters ❗

If you face any challenges during or following the donation process, don’t hesitate to reach out to us through our Discord server or via email at [email protected]. Given the extended downtime, there’s a chance that some functionalities may be impaired or not functioning as expected. Your feedback is crucial in helping us address any issues promptly.

We appreciate your understanding and prompt communication!



Your unwavering support throughout the months and years, especially in the aftermath of this incident, has been truly remarkable. We can’t thank you enough for the heartening messages we’ve received, demonstrating the strength of our community, despite a few outliers.

This is not the end. We will bounce back stronger, and when we’re ready, we’ll provide you all with fresh content. Thank you for standing by us.


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1 month ago

I was just wondering since the model swaps are now public, will there be anything for oem supporters in the future?

1 month ago

Doesn’t have much to do with recent stuff, but I was wondering if there will ever be any interest in making some older model bikes? Specifically for me at least, a 2017-18 KTM 450.