Since there is an influx of donations recently, which we’re very very thankful of, it might happen that some donations slip-through the system or the donation process “cancels” just before changing your role on this website.

The names for the “OEM Supporters of Month X” are taken from the Donation system, so if the process cancelled during that, you’re not in the list.

So if you donated and PayPal has withdrawn your money, but you still don’t have access to the OEM Supporter benefits – or you’re missing in the monthly post, then please check down below.


First of all, make sure you see this in the top menu bar:

If you see “OEM Supporter” and the “Supporter Dashboard”, it worked.


Also make sure after your donation you see yourself at the bottom of the page:


If none of this happened to you, but PayPal has sent your money our way:

Consider E-Mailing me at [email protected] or send me a Discord DM @insane#0283 with your username and your full name (used on the PayPal donation). I will then cancel the transaction and you can try it again.


We don’t want you to feel scammed or anything, but issues might happen so that’s a way of troubleshooting. 🙂



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10 months ago

hi im from argentina and i cant use paypal, i would like you guys add another methods to pay, cuz i want to donate and i cant

1 year ago

Big scammers smh