As some of you might’ve seen, we’ve updated the Enduro Bike Pack over on


The brief Changelog

update: the old Enduro bikes (GasGas, Husaberg, ect.) have now been modified to use the OEM Tyres and were given their corresponding, per class correct tyresets. We did this as a little “gift” to the Enduro community to benefit from the updates that made the overall tyre-to-ground feel better, like for our motocross fleet.
Important: You must have the MX OEMs installed as these come with the tyres we’re using in Enduro v0.15.4.
Info: The KTM Bikes DO NOT have these changes, as we never received the source files of the EXCs
. Unfortunately, we can’t change that. But we have plans for the future!

added: all bikes now have a “team.tga” (the little arrow you see in the replay mode standings) – this was something that was added between now and March 2021. 😂

Please keep in mind that nothing else was changed, besides the addition of OEM Tyres for all bikes except KTMs. Also all bikes except KTMs have been re-registered to work properly with online stats and the official records page.


Why did we do that?

We’re not there yet with our MX bikes and the whole revision of our physics. We know we’re having issues, and we’re still encountering new issues day by day, where we work hard on getting rid of those. We’re well aware that the current release bikes are far from where they should be and we’re working days and nights on the new bikes. The feedback on the preview KTMs are overly positive and we’re more than glad to have achieved something that seems to be the right direction, even though we had the same feeling of the last updates we published, we’re happy that the OEM Supporters give us yet another opinion.


What did we do?

However, since we’re not there yet we don’t want to waste your and our time and work on yet another pack of bikes with the same “wonky ass feeling” the MX bikes give some of you to then realize, we have to fix not 41 MX bikes, but also +10 Enduro bikes same time.
So, to at least give back a bit to the Enduro community, we decided to simply update the bikes (except KTMs, explained above) and add the OEM tyres as a selection. This will help with traction that was lost at some point and we fixed, to some degree, with our own tyre physics model.


The Enduro Bikes are not OEM

They are far from that.
We understand that these bikes might be way more fun than the MX bikes, but that is also due to their absolute inaccuracte and outdated physics specs. All geometries/physics from the bikes except the KTMs are copy-pasted from the 2018 Husqvarnas (very old MX Bikes Beta). They also all share the same engine curves, same gearing ratios etc. There are no inertia boxes, making the bikes light as hell, their overall feeling is extremely unrealistic and nowhere near any IRL OEM specs as this wasn’t the goal back then. Their values are outdated, things don’t work anymore as they used to or new things were added to the game that those bikes don’t even have implemented yet.
They feel more “fun” due to the missing “realism” we’ve taken into account on newer bikes, and might eventually not suffer from “bugs” we implemented into the MX OEM bikes on our own. But that’s what updates are for and we’re more than keen to bring the Enduros to a next level at some point in near future. Not speaking of the current MX OEM level because we know we’re lacking there also.
But since we’re working a lot on the new bikes as said above, and with all the knowledge we’re still gaining, we’re confident that in the future things will turn much better than they used to.


Thanks for reading.


If you want to give them a try, you can get them here:



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