Hello everyone!

We’ve once again been working hard on improving our bikes, and are ready to share with you our first set of preview bikes for our 18.3 update.

This update covers everything from changes to the Virtual Rider, suspension, tyres, and more. This should provide a more life-like and intuitive experience when riding.

As always, no changes seen in this preview are final, and are subject to change based on your feedback before release. If you have constructive feedback for us, feel free to leave it in the Project OEM discord’s Feedback forum!

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3 months ago


4 months ago

why dont i have a preview tab and because of that i cant get the 2024 preview bikes

Biggie Cheese
4 months ago

hi can someome pls help me i am trying to get these acerbis handguards and cant find the link

5 months ago

I’ve been a Factory guy recently as the latest OEM bikes are very inconsistent for me. These preview bikes though are absolutely amazing. I’ve set multiple new lap records with them. Please, don’t adjust things too drastically from here, they feel great!

5 months ago

when do you think youll drop the next update for the oems?

5 months ago


5 months ago

Huge improvement, feels a lot more like a real bike, way less BS, suspension works really well and is way less bouncy.

6 months ago

Amazing work! Im old and skill impaired so cannot adapt my play style to the current oems. These have brought back a level of fun i have not felt in the game for a very long time looking forward to barking these in every colour!

6 months ago

wow! thanks for making the new preview bike, it’s the best in the game atm <3

6 months ago

how can we get those Acerbis HG’s in the preview picture

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6 months ago
Reply to  Lukas

make map and paint folder in map.. and ready for some paint lad… cheers

not travis
5 months ago
Reply to  Berk


6 months ago

Finally a good feeling with the OEMs again!  

after many hours on the preview bike.. I finally have a good feeling on the bike again! 

After some driving and of course the expected piboso stunts, these surprisingly stayed away, which is a very big plus point my opinion..
I think anyone who has tested them has found that you can drive much more consistently with them.. That’s also a big plus and I think that’s why the racing will get much better..

In terms of grip and traction, I think it is the best tire we have ever had, both in sand and on hard surfaces.. 
that could have an advantage and a disadvantage, depending on how you view and experience it.. In my opinion this is as perfect as we can get it right now..

Everyone will be able to drive faster, but you can only force that amount.. For example, if you go into a corner and hit the gas too early, the bike will push you out of the corner..
Even in flat corners you can’t hit the gas too early.. that’s a plus point in my book..

the suspension is simply great… it is the best setup we have ever had as a standard suspension and responds very well even with a few clicks you immediately feel a change..

Of course I shouldn’t forget the bounce, but yes, it has completely disappeared! Yes, what can I say about that, just WOW!! 

In my opinion the bike is as good as it can be right now and so are the tires.. 

I think that now the track creators have many more options to make the tracks more technical and heavier..

That’s where I come to the next point skill gap.. that will depend on the tracks much more now than it used to..
for example one of the most difficult tracks like OSS from JV was a struggle but now it is driveable but still difficult to stay clean..
That’s why I think the track creators can now experiment a lot more with bumps and ruths.. 

I would like to point this out. This option is also an option that we might take into account.. before we would change the bikes now..
I think it is wiser now that everyone is really impressed with the preview bike to stay away from it and release it.. 
and let the creators do their work, it will bring a lot of clarity in the future..

worked well.. keep it that way.. I can’t wait for the update.. 🙂

Yadielito BBR Motorsports

Best bikes I have ever tried! they’re very smooth.

6 months ago

I am running the best supercross times I’ve ever run. The only issue which isn’t even an issue is that maybe there’s too much traction? It’s a question mark because it feels so good but I’m just debating the realism of it. The front feels fine realism wise but the rear tire has almost zero slip except going slow. No PiBobo physics at all except for when leaned over very far. Cases feel realistic and ojs feel realistic except the rider doesn’t die. The whoops feel very saveable which is super refreshing. The best bike I’ve ridden and I’ve only ridden the 450.

6 months ago

Best OEM bikes and bikes in general I’ve ever ridden in this game! Whatever you guys did to the KTM, keep it and do the same thing to the other bikes and you created a masterpiece! Seriously, they feel so good and make the game so addicting to play. Finally, I can enjoy the game as a casual player without the Piboso physics ruining my experience. Thank you OEM Team!

6 months ago

How do i load the preview bikes on a dedicated server?

6 months ago
Reply to  dbones

I put “OEM Preview” as the category in the server .cfg file but it doesn’t work.

6 months ago

hi oems team.. yes, finally a good feeling with the OEMs again!  

the OEMs we have now are really the most failed update I have ever felt, 
sorry guys, but that is what I think of the OEMs bikes now.. 
now this new test is 101% better feeling and more real feeling.. the front is great, it feels like it should be.. 
I could give the grip on the rear wheel a small point and that is the side grip could be a little less, the grip straight ahead is top..
but honestly that is also negligible… 
I am also very happy that you have restored the suspension to the way it was.. (On the OEMs we have now, the suspension is not correct) 

For me, the new OEMs can come sooner rather than later! 

the oems bikes we have to ride now are really that bad.. compared to the E10 factory bikes.. and I think I speak for many people.. 

I am always willing to make myself available to test your OEM bikes if you still need people… 
Today I’m going to drive oudoors and discover more feelings and come back for more information.. 
It’s a simulator game so there must be a skill gap somewhere, I had that feeling a little less yesterday.. But I’ll say I haven’t tested it enough to make a point of it right now.

to wrap it up i just want to tell you guys keep up the great work…!

6 months ago
Reply to  Berk

Yes Berk , for me the same thoughts

6 months ago

solid preview bike, had confidence in corners, took between 2&3 secs off each TFC& JV track. WWWWWW

6 months ago

Only thing that felt wrong was my muscle memory, everything seems good to me just please don’t mess up the Suzuki 😉


these new preview bikes are sooo good. i have been off the game for a while, got a new controller and at the same time the current oems came out so i have really been feeling like a fish outta water in this game for a while. But let me tell you, the way these bikes feel right now gives me hope again, they are so comfortable to ride. I feel like it is only myself who is to blame for slow speeds because this bike never seems to act up like they used to, i just tested the 250f oon some high speed high roughness motocross and rd7 of the arl sx track and it just flows so nice on both tracks. I love these and hope you guys continue in this direction, they turn so good, grip really good and never (atleast so far) have any annoying piboso slow physics in tight turns.
all love from here <3

6 months ago

wheres the download, i try to click the very top and nothing happens?

6 months ago
Reply to  motochoad_24

yes I have the same thing

6 months ago
Reply to  motochoad_24

same here

rideing dirt bikes
6 months ago