As we’re currently trying to reach out to the community and be more forthcoming with updates and changes that we’re planning to make, we thought semi-regular update posts would be a good idea. Here we’ll tell you about upcoming changes, things we’re working on, ideas we have, and any changes to the team. As this is the first post, we’ll start simple.

Here’s the full team as we currently stand.

Insane – ‘OEM Team Lead’
L21 – ‘OEM Advisor’
Frankie – ‘Head of Modelling’
Alpha – ‘Head of Feedback’
JVDL – ‘Head of Texturing’
Jesse – ‘(Joint) Head of Physics’
Zonta – ‘(Joint) Head of Physics’

Alongside this core team, we also have a large group of testers and creators that allow us to produce the pack that we all play.

Feedback and Creation Team (Potentially recruiting soon?):

Asdrael – Help with physics/importing. OG
Ruubs – Help with physics
SD – Help with physics
Phantomz – Modelling team
Cody James – Texturing team
BamBientz – Texturing team
Logn – Texturing team
GreenLenux – Help with texturing
RedRider – Help with texturing
Higgo – Help with sounds

Typical Canadian

As our next update isn’t ready yet, we’re keen to tell you some small details regarding it. For starters, we’ve began rebuilding our bikes and trying to work with the games physics so that we can majorly improve the handling. This includes changes to the bikes COG (centre of gravity), tyre’s traction, weights, and dynos. Alongside that, there is also small fixes like LOD changes, camera placements, and animation fixes. These changes are for the 2t and 4t’s, which will be covered more in-depth on another post.

Alongside that; in the near future we will have collaborations with various YouTubers that will answer questions you’ve been wanting the answers to. This is in the hope that the actions and decisions we make, can be understood better by you, alongside showing a glimpse of the bike creation process.


As we’re currently aware that the game is in a vulnerable state, we have decided that we will be more forthcoming with our development. This means that we will be releasing “Preview” bikes to our supporters, this will most likely be a few bikes at a time, NOT the whole pack. This allows you to test and feel the changes that will be coming in the next OEM update, while also giving you something extra to do on the game. These bikes will be GUID locked and have a separate category to try eliminate installation confusion.

Well.. I’m pleased to say that we will be releasing our current WIP version of the KTM 250f and KTM 450f , these will be available to OEM Supporters shortly and can be found here:

then heading to the “Preview” section, or simply pressing the “Preview” button.


These bikes will obviously be WIP, with changes expected to be made to them in the future. Therefor, please expect some flaws, but for the most part they should give you a glimpse of what the future will hold. 


Important Details for the future

With the next big release, we will also be shipping a new method regarding how to install the OEMs. The bikes model files will now be shipped in an “OEM_Models” folder, placed ‘mods/bikes/OEM_Models/MX/’. Whereas the bikes physics and other values will be locked in their corresponding pkz, in their normal location. Alongside of that, there will be the normal folder structure for paints. If you want to install model swaps, you’ll need to have the new model EDF, as well as modified HRC files – which we will deliver.

This has been done so that we can provide quicker and smaller patches and/or updates to the bikes physics, without having to reship the entire pack – this will be majorly beneficial for the future.


Happy riding and thanks for reading!



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10 months ago

guys, the model swaps are awesome, but i have a problem, when i put the models with handguards on the bike folders the bar of my bike bugged and idk how to fix it

10 months ago

hey man I have the same problem and I donated somewhere in the start of July if you can maybe you can update my account when you get a chance? Thanks

10 months ago

The new preview bikes feel so good, amazing job guys, thank you for your hard work and dedication to this project

10 months ago

i donated and i didnt get supporter and i did it on the right page

10 months ago
Reply to  mse

you did not. however, I’ve updated your account.

10 months ago
Reply to  insane

hey man I have the same problem and I donated somewhere in the start of July if you can maybe you can update my account when you get a chance? Thanks

10 months ago
Reply to  Airgo01

Please send us an E-Mail to [email protected] and explain the problem again. I’ll get in contact with you asap. 🙂

10 months ago

please dont screw up the next update 18.1 c sucks ass

10 months ago

what are the install instructions for the preview bikes

10 months ago

so how do i install preview bikes ?

10 months ago

good job
keep working on it , this has a future !
thumbs up!

10 months ago

bikes are super stable. big W

10 months ago

Super good idea having feedback from everyone, bikes feel great especially the 450, love the way the power feels and how stable the bike is. Idk if its just me but feels like the 450 has either more traction or power but its controllable, overall they’re awesome so far.

10 months ago

hey, they don’t show up in-game! I downloaded the preview bikes and put them in bikes folder! what am i doing wrong?

10 months ago
Reply to  machochulo

make sure the steam account you sync with on this website is also the account you play MX Bikes with. If you’re playing a family shared version then you have to log in with the game owner. If that is not possible, shoot us an E-Mail to [email protected].

10 months ago
Reply to  insane

thanks for the quick fix! works now! bikes are insane, i am having fun again playing the game!

10 months ago

yes bikes feel really good

10 months ago

preview bikes r no joke things bark fs lets gooo guys

10 months ago

The preview bikes ride mind-blowingly well! The riding is so much more safe and the bike feels like it doesn’t go all over the place, like they feel in the current OEMs. Awesome job guys, keep it up!

10 months ago

The bikes ride very safe and easy they ,because still much too sluggish

10 months ago

Communication = W
Preview bikes = W
Loving the improvements. Bikes feel very good.

10 months ago

Communication = W

10 months ago

We love to see the communication, Thanks for putting in all the hard work so we can have the best possible experience!

10 months ago

Big W. Lookin forward to more frequent updates as development continues.