We’ve fixed two reported bugs in the OEM Official GFX Honda Pack v1.0.


  1. We fixed the bug where the 2023 HRC AMA CRF250 would appear blue instead of red due to a MXB error where the diffuse texture in the PNT would not be read correctly. The 2023 HRC AMA CRF250 now is red again!
  2. We also fixed a bug where the 2023 Stock CRF250 would not display the correct number plate backgrounds. The 2023 Stock CRF250 now appears with correct number plate backgrounds!

A special thanks to Luke7365E and Ro_Vo for giving feedback and pointing out these bugs!

Please see the OEM Official GFX page to download version v1.1 of the Honda pack to fix above mentioned issues!

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8 months ago

i cant use these in painted to make my own????

8 months ago
Reply to  Vanish

that is because they’re locked