We have some news for you!

Unfortunately, as you’ve probably already realized – we’re really really bad at working according to a roadmap. This doesn’t work somehow and is something that we’ll address internally.

However, we have reasons for that!

Where is v0.18.2

v0.18.1b wasn’t planned and neither was 0.18.1c. We unfortunately had to implement fixes and patches, just like this one, to improve our product. However, these are things that you can’t plan, but must do.

Due to OEM v0.18 being the first of its kind, premiering our bikes with an overall better base than we had originally, we now have a solid platform to build and improve. This is something that we’re working towards by constantly taking in your feedback, which results in these patches. Alongside this, at the start of the year we had a larger and newer team, which resulted in us suffering from growing pains, and inevitably resulted in a few small errors. As well as this, we implemented brand new physics, which meant that the bikes had a completely different feel than previously, which resulted in a lot of backlash regarding the handling. Due to this feedback, we have been working in the background to improve and fix any issues we’ve had.

This does mean that this patch doesn’t include any new bikes, to clarify, there are no E-Bikes, Classics or Legacy bikes yet. These patches may upset some of you, but we didn’t do this to annoy or sadden you, we want to improve what we already have and keep improving our base for the next bikes.

If we continued working on the new Electric, Classic or Legacy bikes, then realized during that process we can produce the bikes with better physics, we’d then have double the work and have dug ourselves into a hole.

However! For now, the OEM team and our Feedback group are proud to present you with the v0.18.1c patch!

What is v0.18.1c

Since v0.18.1b, a lot has changed within the core OEM team and our feedback group. The biggest change was a near-complete restructure of our roles within the team, this was due to us having realised that with our growth, there was no real “guidance” in our team. Therefor, we decided to form department “Heads” who can conduct their teams and direct how the OEM pack progresses.

The teams structure now stands as; OEM Team Lead (insane) and OEM Advisor (L21), to help guide the team as a whole, make announcements regarding patches/updates, and to improve the team. Then we have the Heads of each Department – these are the; Head of Texturing (JVDL Designs), Head of Feedback (Alpha), Head of Modelling (Frankie), Head of Physics (Zonta & Mulock). From there, we then have the department members, who help provide the pack with content, these are Texturers’, Modellers’, and then the feedback group.

Our feedback group now also consists of 20+ members across all skill levels, which helps us test the bikes to their fullest (however we can still miss things!).

Restructuring our internal groups has made things much easier, as the Department Heads are able to speak together and figure out what their departments have to work or focus on. This has helped the team as a whole better communicate and guide the OEM pack to where we want it to-be.

But you’re more likely coming for this, the…


  • Physics tweaks to 27 bikes for better pack balancing (new registrations!)
  • Minor fixes to 6 more bikes
  • New suspension values
  • New camera positions, much more similar from bike to bike
  • New gearing options; 11-16 front, 47-54 rear, all bikes
  • KTM/Husqvarna quickshifter
  • Minor dyno changes to have more accurate values
  • TM 2t engine fixes
  • Model related bugfixes
    • CRF250/450 new import with the future “revamped” style
      • changed textures:
        2021crf_n / _r -> 2023crf_n / _r
        exhaust_22_n / _r -> exhaust_23_n / _r
  • Conflicting scoreboard colours fixed

Known Issues

Model Swaps for KTM 250F/350F, Husqvarna FC250/450 as well as KX250/450 WILL BE BROKEN until Frankie and Phantomz announce that they have been reuploaded!


As you can see, we’ve once again put more work into the physics. With the main focus points of this patch being; the bikes suspensions, TM bikes blowing up, as well as geometry balancing (how the bike feels). We hope that this patch will benefit a lot of the bikes greatly, with improved rideability and competitivablity.

Alongside this, the patch also sets a milestone for our “Revamped Models” movement. The CRF will be the first of its kind with our all new high-level shader maps (normal, specular and reflection).
The CRFs have now been imported in 4k, so even your current custom paints will benefit from the revamped maps. This however means that; your _n and _r maps will NOT apply on the new model! You either have to rename your textures and repack your PNTs, or stick with the base textures that the bikes come with (they’re high detail and should be compatible with the majority of custom paints!).

If you want to learn more about this, give JVDL’s post a read: Proper texture maps equal realism – Project OEM (mxb-mods.com)


Our primary focus with this patch is to balance the entire fleet of bikes that we currently have released, ultimately hoping that this will lead to a more diverse and competitive starting grid.
Our goal is to provide you with a level playing field, where each bike has its unique strengths and weaknesses – allowing for thrilling races which showcase different racing styles and strategies.
As always, we value your feedback and are continuously working to improve your MX OEM experience.
Your support and enthusiasm are what drive us to push the boundaries of MX Bikes.



The patch download will as always be available through .
A full version will be uploaded in the next days.
Make sure to download where it says “v0.18.1c PATCH ONLY” and install this ON TOP of your v0.18.1b installation.

If you notice something please don’t keep it just for yourself or your friends, but please consider giving us proper, detailed and directed feedback in the .



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9 months ago

Thanks guys, any estimate on when the ktm 250 sx f will be fixed?

10 months ago

Just wanted to say I appreciate you guys. OEMs are still the best bikes in the games. They have their issues, y’all know this, but we trust you’ll wrinkle out the kinks. Not all of us are brain dead morons dick riding the factory bikes, some of us enjoy using actual skill and putting in practice for a rewarding riding experience.

11 months ago

nice job

Last edited 11 months ago by alleballe
11 months ago

Lets Go!!!

11 months ago


11 months ago
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