Hey folks.

So couple weeks ago we decided to release public test bikes (PTB) or “Preview Bikes” to our OEM Supporters.

I have some good news for you today: We updated them and they’re live NOW!

Once again we decided to update the KTM 250 and 450. We started work on a another set of bikes, but that needs way more work before it’s able to see the light of day. And we’re pretty happy with how these two turned out, compared to public v0.18.1c bikes as well as Preview Bikes #1.


Some nice words about this update by the team:

We’ve all been there. You’re riding your absolute heart out, well on your way to setting a new personal best on your favorite track. Last turn, thinking you have it in the bag… And BAM! You just got “Pibosoed”! Instead of cheering for a new personal best, you are now scrolling the web to order yourself a new controller.

This feeling of loss of control has been torturing players since the beginning of time. Not just us who enjoy MX Bikes, but also those playing GP Bikes. Countless reports have been filed on the subject and it sadly never got resolved.

However, thanks to recent discoveries by JVDL Designs, we believe to have found the missing key to help remedy the issue as best as possible. We’ve calibrated and tailored a core value that seemed to be out of place according to “physic law”. Changing this value grants the feeling of being in control of the bike, instead of the bike controlling you.

It does not mean you will never experience wobble or washouts ever again, as those are very real life situations when riding on the absolute edge. It does mean that your chances of surviving said situations have been increased and that you are now able to ride up a hill without holding on for dear life.

We can bore you with a lengthy article giving you an in-depth explanation on how we implemented this and how it works. BUT WE WON’T!

Instead we provide you with a new set of preview bikes with the change implemented so you can test it yourselves.


already a supporter?


PS. Once we have concluded our research it is our goal to make this discovery publicly available. This will also provide players from other Piboso games with the means to resolve similar problems.


We deeply hope you all enjoy the bikes as much as we do. We’re hyped for the future!


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8 months ago

where do i download this masterpiece

Vintage Metal
10 months ago

can you get a livery for them?

10 months ago

how do you get the ktm’s because i cant seem to download them

10 months ago

So when do the OEM preview KTM’s go out for free? They feel 10x better and it would be nice to play with others. The instability of the front wheel on the normal OEM’s is comical compared to the new ones.

10 months ago

Good night, I became a donor but I can’t download it’s giving restricted content

10 months ago
Reply to  insane

Hello do i have two donate twice to get the model swaps ?

10 months ago

After downloading OEM preview and putting into Mods/Bikes, as soon as I load into the “practice” race it crashes? Any ideas?

10 months ago

This update is INCREDIBLE. exactly what i think most beginner/intermediate players like myself have been looking for. When the “Factory” bikes came out they gave us a taste of a slightly easier/more intuitive riding bike, but they feel a bit odd and unrealistic in some ways. These new Preview #2 bikes provide a very similar level of comfort and trust in the bike, without loosing the realism and learning curve of the current oems. Huge step in the right direction, really looking forward to these changes being made to all the bikes. Much love!

10 months ago

where is the download to the new preview update?

10 months ago

Hey guys, hopefully this is an appropriate place to leave feed back. I’ve spent a majority of my time with both update 1 and update 2 on the ARL Millville and Redbud (mostly Millville though). Between the 2 updates I strongly preferred update 1. On update 1 it was clear that the bike got upset going up Mt Martin. With some practice and some patience IMO it was easy to overcome. I made suspension changes to the bike, mostly the rear, and for the first time in a long time I was actually enjoying bikes again. I was able to throw whips and even scrub fairly hard again, the bike felt alive and challenging. Update 2 clearly improved the uphill issue but now IMO the bike is pretty unstable going down steep hills. That’s not that big of an issue but what kills me is how dull the bike feels now. In update 2 the bike really doesn’t want to be thrown sideways and hates it when you try to scrub. This really takes the wind out of my sails if I’m being honest. IDK how to put this without sounding like an ass but I’ll try anyways. I know there are more “slow” players then there are “fast.” This is just my opinion but update 2 punishes the top percent of players FAR more than the bottom percent (the majority). It’s not as fun plain and simple.

I just want to make it clear I’m not saying you guys doing bad work. I appreciate the effort you put in with so little in return. Thanks guys.

10 months ago

WOW Guys, just wow! I tested the new bikes around the 2016 Version of Glen Helen (USA GP 2016), which is a very steep track by itself, and my jaw just dropped on how good the bikes got up those hills and how good they handled the big right-hander at the end of the first straight. If I were to nitpick on the bikes I would just say that they feel a little too stiff for my liking, but once again, nitpicking. Thank you for the hard work OEM-Team

10 months ago

Awesome, keep up the good work! Also, I just saw the pins on the news section, any way to change the color of the pin? I check the news every day since I started supporting and never saw the pins before. Just a suggestion if it’s possible. Thanks again, you guys are awesome!

10 months ago

Such an Amazing job! Mx bikes is everything I have ever wanted in a moto game but the wonky random physics have definitely tested my temper. But after spinning just 5 laps with this new 250 im in love. Feels soooo good! Thank you for all the time and effort!

10 months ago

What ever you guys did, PERFECTION!! With a little bit of tuning to get the bike to feel how I want it to, I am now able to go faster than I ever have before. I used to struggle to even ride the 450’s but now I can rip them just like the 250’s. Even though I only have 140 hours on mxbikes these are the best feeling bikes I have ever used!!!!!! Props to you guys keep up the good work.

10 months ago

Wow these things handle incredible