Hello again!

Just a short update from us for now.

We’re currently working hard and fully focused on delivering an update within the next few months (or sooner…?). This means that we’re trying to finalise our changes and make any important last minute additions. Leading up to release, we’ll be posting more teasers with information regarding what the update will bring, so stay tuned for that.

For now I can say that nearly all bikes have received updated handling characteristics, closely related to how the Preview bikes ride – we’re just doing final testing. We will also have one (or two) bikes receiving the texture revamp treatment, similar to the Hondas. (Seen below).

Proper texture maps equal realism

Alongside the above; we’ll also finally be importing ██████████, with updated ██████████, as well as new ██████████. This should also allow us to import the remaining ██████████, helping build out the remaining fleet of ██████████.

One of the places that you can catch our new teasers and promotional content is on our new Official Instagram. We’ll also be posting high-quality community submitted screenshots which feature our bikes! Please follow here – Thanks!

Thanks for reading, speak again soon!

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9 months ago

we need this update guys

9 months ago
Reply to  simoroei

No doubt the preview bikes are pretty damn good. All I need now is the full release! They doing some phenomenal work!