Quick and short, as the thumbnail already tells.

OEM v0.18.1 – the 2 Stroke update – will be delayed.

We’re not feeling like we’re there yet to make it for monday, and due to various things happening in our private lives as well as illnesses, we couldn’t put all the needed effort and time to make this update happen on time.

We’ve decided to change some things how they were in v0.18.0 which made us realize that we need some more time to wrap up all the bikes, add the new ones and update the older ones.

Also we decided to move a bit away of the planned release calendar, and as you might eventually noticed, we’re calling this update “the 2 Stroke update” because we decided to focus on the addition of new 2 Strokes only. The E Bikes will come in a near future update alongside other much awaited bikes.

Your feedback since the release of v0.18.0 really helped us – legends say that sometimes 32.000 eyes see more than just 20 – and we’re thankful for all the positive as well as negative feedback you guys have given us.

Also a big thank you to anyone who pointed out things we didn’t see upon the release – may it be flag colors, sounds, skins, whatever.


The new planned release for v0.18.1 is now next monday, Feb. 27th 2023.


Sorry to disappoint you, but we don’t want to rush ourselves and disappoint you even more.


Thanks for your understanding!


In love,

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1 year ago

will we be getting handgaurds for all oem bikes?

1 year ago

will there be old kx 2 strokes aswell?

1 year ago

you guys should fix the whip speed on the kawi its so slow compared to the rest and maybe make the bikes alittle bit closer in performance not just every lobby be Yamaha even the arl races are 99.99% Yamaha. i know its not as easy as i make it sound but i think it would be better if the other bikes was relevant aswell

1 year ago
Reply to  bcross23

I see what you mean, but then again this game is suposed to be as close to IRL as possible, and the IRL yz is the superior bike for 2023.

1 year ago
Reply to  jthemxman

i get that but at the end of the day this is a video game and there are plenty of things in this game that isn’t how it works irl because at the pro level these bikes aren’t that much different and they don’t have 20 Yamahas racing supercross like the arl series. That’s because there is teams and they can only run so many riders per team I mean the Yamaha is superior but yet there is 3 in the 450 class so just make the bikes equal so there is more variety not just blue everywhere

1 year ago

No problem! Curious if the new factory Gasgas model will be included as part of this update?

1 year ago

Take your time.

Mouk Lab
1 year ago

The new planned release for v0.18.1 is now next Tuesday, Feb. 28th 2023, after the MXBGP opening round.

1 year ago

take your time im pretty sure the community would rather have to wait an extra week and have a higher quality models than they be rushed out and look half arsed but we appreciate you and your team

1 year ago

You’re work is really appreciated!!