Hi everyone, short post today about the OEM Manual.

Some of you might remember the roadmap we announced a week before the OEM v0.18 update. In it we talked about an OEM Manual being worked on with SD Factory Suspension, as it turns out there was much more information and explanations needed than initially perceived, so we had to delay its release for multiple unforeseen revisions and new findings amongst the OEM team in general. This ultimately caused a complete rewrite of the manual, and reworking of the web page to accommodate.

BUT, here we are, one week from the release of v0.18.1 OEM update which WILL be joined by the release of the OEM manual on Feb. 27th 2023. Not only will you be getting the long waited 2t pack release, but also updates to existing bikes and the manual to help you all better setup your styles in the garage.

The manual explains all of the values and settings that can be found in the garage: suspensions, tyres, engine, etc. Here is a screenshot of the still work in progress manual:

I would like to apologise to the whole community about the wait, but also to insane whom I let down with this project.

I hope you’ll find this document helpful when it will out!

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1 year ago

SD is best